Elite-level Coaching


Seeking peak performance

Steve now offers pro-level services to all athletes. Bike fitting and metabolic testing are the cornerstones of SNP
– a well-fit bike and a solid understanding of current fitness are critical to achieving real performance on race day.
Any athlete, beginner, masters or elite, will benefit from Steve's knowledge, and ability to apply data to sound
next-steps advice.

Individualised coaching is available for those who are ready to achieve their maximum potential. Steve has trained several of Canada's top cyclists, and put numerous National-level athletes on the podium. His pioneering methods and style are apparent in many other contemporary coaches - Steve is the coaches' coach. Now he can be your coach.

I hired Steve to help me reach a specific goal: to race all the Ontario Cups in 2008. Each season since achieving that the goal new challenges have been set and Steve has helped me reach them. His steadfast dedication, vast experience and constant feedback have made the experience a success.
— Melinda Davie, Wild Bettys Race Team founder