Working with Steve


Steve Neal offers elite-level coaching services to any athlete who is ready to commit to making themselves better. 

Steve's all-in coaching style is built around a single objective - train at a level that will ensure continued development. Many athletes experience fatigue and burn-out from over training. This will result in setbacks and failure to progress. A more holistic look at each individual's fitness, lifestyle and goals leads to a healthy overall approach to training. Drawing on over 20 years of experience and vast knowledge of the science of physiology, Steve is able to monitor progress and push his clients to succeed, but also pull back when necessary.

I was formally coached by Steve Neal from 2005 to 2010. Those 5 years as his athlete took me from an average provincial Junior/espoir athlete and brought me to the top 10 Nationally. In that time I placed top 25 in a World Cup and won the first Crank The Shield Stage Race over several top athletes. My love of movement and training theory grew during these years. I trained through Canadian winters for each of these seasons and the variety Steve brought to building my huge work capacity was amazing. The experiences I shared with Steve are some of the fondest in my life. Steve’s gift is in his quest for knowledge. He is the only person I have met who will honestly ask and learn how another coach/professional does something and try it with full intent. His openness to new experience ensures that he is always on the cutting edge but also continues to grow the resources he can use with a given athlete. The best way to learn from Steve is in person. He is amazing to work with and anyone who joins him will make improvements, learn and have fun.
— Peter Glassford, Pro Mountain Bike Racer and Coach

Enhanced Plan

Initial consultation and review of previous training
& data PLUS metabolic testing

Daily training plan customizations
(accommodates busy lifestyles/work schedules)

Unlimited email, phone, skype communication
 (in-person can be arranged)

Daily Power/HR data review AND feedback for focus sessions

Consulting on nutrition, race-prep and equipment, respiration training

Strength Training Plan included

Race data review and debrief

Analysis done using wko5, Xert, TodaysPlan (client responsible for memberships)

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