Outdoor Group Sessions

Train outdoors


Take your MTB-specific training outdoors

The workouts incorporate different lengths of intervals each week and consist of both double track descents and climbs and single track descents and climbs. This allows us to work on the technical aspects of mountain bike riding while in a fatigued state.

The first four sessions are outside (indoors only if rained out). The fifth session of each block will be testing indoors at the Steve Neal Performance Training Centre.

Groups are limited to 8 participants to maximize coach/rider interaction.

To continue to improve in the sport of mountain bike riding one needs to;

- focus on training the physical qualities of the sport on terrain that allows proper work intensity to be carried out with limited interruption to pedaling. This can be done on carefully selected off-road trails.

- focus on training the technical aspect of the sport, this can be done during easier endurance rides by choosing where to ride to focus on a variety of skills

- combine the above where you work on riding faster to improve your physical qualities while also gaining confidence

Location: Crothers Wood / Loblaws Parking Lot
Time: 6:00 pm start to ride (please arrive early enough to be ready)

$125/5 session block

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Steve is the coach you want on your team. Not only is he committed to the knowledge and science of our sport, he gives everything he can to his athletes. Training isn’t a job for Steve, it’s his passion.
— Lisa Fender, Wild Bettys Race Team member