Bike Fitting

Man + Machine


A properly fit bicycle is a key component of performance cycling. Problems with comfort and power delivery can be resolved with improved position on the bike.

Most bike fitting focuses on adapting the bicycle to fit the riders body. The flaw with this approach is that an active cyclists body is not static. As fitness levels change and as the body become more or less flexible, the bike position for optimal power transmission also changes. Ideal bike fit is an ongoing process.

Our 3-hour bike fit is comprised of several components: 
- integrating knowledge from FMS (Functional Movement Screen)
- pedal-stroke analysis to assist riders to sit and pedal more efficiently
- utilize a combination of Wobblenaught measurement system and Dartfish

Bike fit sessions begin with a functional Movement Screen. This provides information about the riders body in terms of strength and flexibility. This informs the actual fitting of the bike to the rider. The FMS may also suggest possible improvements in position attainable through stretching and strength exercises.

Every bike fit includes a 1-hour follow up session to make adjustments based on changes in the riders position due to improved fitness, and/or increased mobility.


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- please bring a CLEAN and TUNED bicycle. Time spent taking care of these will be billed as extra.
- parts required to achieve improved fit are not included.
- cancellations/adjustments to schedule must be made outside 48 hours or be charged 50%