Tech Skills + Pre-riding

Tech Skills + Preriding


Being fast is much more than simply being strong. Bike handling and course reading are also skills that must be trained and developed.

Some cyclists are naturally adept at efficiently putting their power through the bicycle and going fast. But this efficiency is a skill set like any other, and can be learned, practiced and improved. Many riders are surprised at how dramatically even a few fundamental changes to riding position, gear selection and sight lines can change their confidence and speed.

In addition, learning how to read terrain, or how to pace oneself based on a specific race course may make all the difference between mid-race burnout and a podium finish.

Steve is available for one-on-one or group sessions to:
- teach general bike handling skills
- improve specific weaknesses in technique or on trail skills
- work together on course pre-riding and race strategy

Locations outside the GTA may be subject to travel and per-diem changes. 


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With Steve’s close supervision and careful planning I have gone from novice newbie, to confident racer ready for the next challenge. He has given me the tools to succeed and encouraged me to be my best.
— Melinda Davie, Wild Bettys Race Team founder