Metabolic Efficiency Testing

How Fit Are You?


Solid data is essential to have a clear picture of ones fitness. Knowing what to do with that data requires experience and intelligence.

Training at the highest level possible can only be done with a good knowledge of overall aerobic fitness level and performance potential. Metabolic analysis of O2 in vs CO2 out provides a clear look at oxygen consumption efficiency and is the standard used by endurance athletes to determine ideal training intensities. It is the most effective way to evaluate training progress. After determining heart-rate, power, respiration and energy expenditure efficiency profiles, we can construct accurate training zones based on both heart rate and wattage.

By evaluating data taken from this test, we can also consider the potential benefits to respiration training as a means to improve performance. Respiratory training programs are also available at an additional cost.

Test results are provided via printed and emailed documentation.


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